The struggle to be a leader is real.

Are you wanting to hone your marketing craft, get clear in your message or become a go-to expert in your field? Then the Own Your Line Membership Community is for you.


You're not alone

All the tactics in the world including advertising, content, and building a community won't work if you don't have the right message. We believe every person has a unique story just waiting to get out. And with the lessons we have learned around all the tools, online techniques, and content distribution, there is no better time to leap your own platform forward.


Let's tell your story together.


You want your own clients, co-workers, employees – maybe even the world – to know that you’re an expert. Why is it so hard to make this happen?!

Because you’re busy. Busy trying to figure out the smartest way to brand, market and sell yourself, your own products and services. You’re working IN your business, which leaves little time to work ON it. The time you’re spending on this is NO JOKE – about 80 hours a month if you’re an entrepreneur or small business.

You deserve some clarity.  

In just 1 to 2 hours a week, you can get the tools you need to get clear in your message, be a smarter marketer, and raise your value as a thought leader in your field. 


Own Your Line is a membership community – not a course.

Courses are “one and done”. A community lasts forever. And although we do have live video workshops, live coaching and networking calls, our “Scribe Tribe” community is wicked smart, supportive, and striving for the same things you are.

Even if you can’t watch live, everything is recorded and posted inside the community, so you can revisit anytime, watch at your own pace, when it makes sense for you. 

We’ve also stocked our “Swipe File” library chock full of Branding, Marketing, Sales and Social Media resources – Guides, Tools, Models, Checklists, and more – for unlimited download, included as part of membership.

"It’s only been 2 weeks since I joined, but I already feel like I got my entire year’s worth of money back and the rest of this year is on your dime."

Jed Record
Marketing Consultant, Keynote Speaker

"During the hot seat call, I knew instantly that the feedback I was getting from Bryan & Courtney was exactly what I had been struggling with for so long and was a real block to forward progress. Then this morning I woke up and took decisive action. It was effortless!"

Jennifer Quinn
Social Media and Livestream Video Expert

How can I grow my personal brand faster?

This is the biggest question we get asked: “How do I spend less time trying to figure out what to do and see more success?” Our answer? Build it the right way, learning from those who have already done it.

So, what do we know about Brand-building, Marketing, and Social Media, anyway?

Not only have we helped hundreds of brands with kick a$$ campaigns, and helped experts become known thought leaders, we’ve also done it for ourselves.

In 2002, we co-founded our Silicon Valley marketing agency, PureMatter, and in the 15 years since have made a lot of money for our clients. Over $1 Billion in fact (we know, we added it up! )

We’ve been featured as leaders in the social media and marketing industry in Inc. Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Ad Age, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and more.

Bryan Kramer

CEO, Executive Consultant, global TED speaker, and author of 2 best-selling books “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy” which debuted in USA Today’s “Top 150” books, and “There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H”.

Bryan’s “The BK Show” podcast series is in the top 100 marketing podcasts on iTunes. He is a TED speaker, and speaks all over the world sharing the human business movement. He is currently writing his third book and co-hosts with Courtney the #H2Hchat weekly video and Twitterchat series.

Courtney Smith Kramer

Executive Creative Director, Strategist, Designer, Writer and author of “21 Reasons Creativity is Like Sex: Why Everyone Can Do It, Have a Sense of Humor About It, and Use It To Make the World a Better Place”, which launched in November 2016 at the #1 spot in Business Humor books on Amazon.

Courtney is on the World Brand Congress Advisory board and has won hundreds of creative awards in her career, and is proud to be one of the 3% of women creative directors in the U.S. 


The word has gotten out.

“Top 25 Influencer to Follow” ~ Forbes
“Top 100 Most Influential Tech People On Twitter” ~ Business Insider
“Top 40 Most Talked about Marketer by Global Sr. Marketers”  ~ LeadTail
“Top 30 Global Top CEO Influencer on Social” ~ Kred
 "Bryan Kramer is the Zen Master to Digital Marketers" ~ Forbes
“Top 50 Social CEO on Twitter Globally” ~ Huffington Post
"Top 10 Marketing Keynote Speakers" ~ Forbes
"Top 10 Most Influential Global Thought Leader for CMOs" ~ Onalytica

Featured by some of the most notable publications in the world.

Trusted by the biggest brands in the world.

"I’ve learned how to connect with others, as well as how to convert that connection into a relationship that can lead to impressions, subscriptions, and profit. As I transition from the Military to the business world, I am confident that I can now build a quality blog, grow an extensive mailing list, and link all my associated social media platforms."

USN, Special Warfare, Entrepreneur, Comedian

"What we learn is stimulating, fun, and at the same time, actionable. There is just the right amount of practical advice and information to ensure that we can all build relationships which lead to results in any field or endeavor. I love that I can join live, pop into the Facebook Group or go back and watch a video on my own time."

Founder, People Forward

"Staying up-to-date with the changing marketplace is more than a full-time job. While I often know what to prescribe to my clients, I don’t know what to do for myself. With Bryan’s help, I discovered that my personal marketing message was all over the place and I was able to develop a much needed focus."

Author of the soon to be released, “Influencer Effect” and Advertising Creative/copywriter

"After helping a countless number of business owners and larger companies work on their branding programs, I decided to make the investment into working on my own brand. It was money well spent. I was able to recognize the cracks in my personal brand and marketing foundation, solidify my platform and build an infrastructure that I can take out into the marketplace. Make the investment and reap the long-term benefits of this membership community!"

Founder/CEO, Brian Moran & Associates

"I am thankful to Bryan for guiding me on the personal branding path, helping me get clear on my message, and encouraging me through all of the hard work to get clarity and be able to clearly and succinctly articulate my personal brand and message. Doing the hard work of defining my message has made me a better leader and has opened up my career to new possibilities and continued growth. "

SVP, National Sales Performance, Starkey Mortgage

What do I get as a member?

When you join the Own Your Line membership community, you become a trusted member of our “Scribe Tribe”, who all have challenges getting clear in their own message, building their own brand, and Marketing their businesses or themselves.

Your monthly time commitment is 4 hours or less.

We meet twice a month on a private live video call with the community.

  • Monthly “Hotseat” Live Video call One hour is spent featuring two members of the Scribe Tribe in a “Hotseat” format. They share their burning Branding and Marketing challenges, and Bryan and Courtney share their expertise about how to solve it. Our proprietary Message Ladder shows them how to get clear in their message!
  • Monthly “Party Line” Live Video call One hour is spent on a “Party Line”, where our members network and help each other. (Cocktails are optional, but welcomed!)

We host two live video Master Classes a month.

These are taught by Bryan Kramer and the best and brightest Marketing, Social Media and Business practitioners, who are experts in demystifying and teaching the best ways to tackle the crazy, crowded Branding and Marketing landscape out there. We cover tactical topics within each of our monthly themes to help you figure it out:

  • June Theme: Mastering the Facebook Universe
  • July Theme: Content Marketing Like a Boss
  • August Theme: Watch this for Hours: Harnessing YouTube for your Business
  • September Theme: It’s Time to Get More Productive, People
  • October Theme: Streaming Live Video to Boost Your Business in 4-3-2-1
  • November Theme: Email Marketing is the New Black
  • December Theme: Mind Blown: Exploding your Creativity
  • January 2018 Theme: BAM! Using Analytics to Power Smarter Marketing
  • February 2018 Theme: Memes, Images and Social Tiles: Designing Visual Content Like a Pro
  • March 2018 Theme: Why Should I Buy? Get Clear on Your Message
  • April 2018 Theme: Share This! Smarter Social Sharing that Blows Up Your Business
  • May 2018 Theme: Crushing Collaboration with People and Tools

We post a Q&A video each month.

You can submit your questions to us directly and we’ll answer them on video.

You gain access to our “Swipe File”.

This online resource library is full of worksheets, tutorial videos, forms, guides – tons of helpful stuff to help you in your own business. We literally scoured our agency files and grabbed everything we could to share it with you.

You gain access to our private “Scribe Tribe” Facebook Group.

This is where the good stuff happens. Our active and helpful community of Tribers have direct access to Bryan and Courtney and each other to talk about their business, their lives, their wins and have some fun!

What would you pay to raise your value?

If you could get clear in your message, build your personal brand, become an expert in your field and hone your craft in one central place, what is that worth to you? That makes the marketing, branding, sales and social media resources, immediate downloadable templates, live Master Classes, live coaching calls and community, the cherry on top.

Meet our Scribe Tribe community

We know you’ll think we’re biased, but our Scribe Tribe is the BOMB dot COM. Since we’re based on the “Human to Human” philosophy that Own Your Line founder Bryan Kramer wrote about in his first book, our members make it “humans first”, openly sharing their knowledge in a safe, helpful and non-selling environment.

This community isn’t about Likes; it’s about asking, answering and sharing the burning questions, challenges and big wins in your own business. These are true friendships, that blossom into offline, real-world partnerships and mentorships.

It’s time to get clear about your own line.

Your line is what you’re saying to the world that sets you up as an expert, a go-to resource and thought leader. If you don’t own it, someone else will.

Pricing Options

There are two simple ways to become a member of the Own Your Line community.



+ $169 one-time membership fee

2x Monthly Live Online “How To” Master Classes

1x Monthly Live “Hotseat” Group Coaching Call with Bryan + Courtney

1x Monthly Live “Party Line” Networking Call

1x Monthly Scribe Tribe Q&A Video

Scribe Tribe Private Facebook Group access

Tutorial videos, Tools, Worksheets + Resources in the Swipe File

Surprise Bonus Material

30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel the value of the Own Your Line community.




Membership fee waived

2x Monthly Live Online “How To” Master Classes

1x Monthly Live “Hotseat” Group Coaching Call with Bryan + Courtney

1x Monthly Live “Party Line” Networking Call

1x Monthly Scribe Tribe Q&A Video

Scribe Tribe Private Facebook Group access

Tutorial videos, Tools, Worksheets + Resources in the Swipe File

Surprise Bonus Material

30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel the value of the Own Your Line community.


Love in, love out.

We have a saying around here – “Love in, love out.” It means that you’ll get out of this what you put into it, in equal parts.

The bottom line

Sometimes, you just want the bottom line about what you’ll get for your money. This is that section.

This is a community – not a course. You can go at your own pace if you like, or join one of our live weekly calls when it works for your schedule. Your time investment is just 1-2 hours a week, if you participate in everything we offer, each month.

  • 2 Live Online Master Classes a month taught by super smart Marketing, Social Media, and Business practitioners

  • 1x Monthly Live “Hotseat” Coaching Call with Bryan + Courtney (where we feature 2 of our members and focus on helping them get clear in their message)

  • 1x Monthly Live “Party Line” Networking Call (where our Scribe Tribe can share ideas and questions with each other)
  • 1x Monthly Q&A Video (where we answer YOUR questions)

  • “Own Your Line” Private Facebook Group access

  • Tutorial videos, Tools, Worksheets + Resources in the Swipe File

  • Surprise Bonus Material

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel the value of the Own Your Line community

And… why again?

  • If you’re not clear about your message, no one else will be – including your customers, future employers, event organizers and book publishers.
  • Being known as a thought leader in your field requires honing your understanding of social media, marketing and branding. You will learn from the experts here.
  • Doing things on your own is hard, and can be lonely sometimes. We’re here to be a resource so you can spend less time figuring out what Marketing tactics will work for your business.
  • Our community is stronger together, because we all need support and solid advice from people who are in this to see real transformation in our lives and careers. Plus, we’re fun <– BONUS.
  • An annual membership is the preferred method of joining, because, you know, #math.
  • “Love in, love out.” Do the work, and your outcomes change!

We can’t wait to get to know you. Our Scribe Tribe is waiting!