The struggle is real.


Being in business for yourself is effing HARD.

There’s never enough hours in the day. And you know what’s NOT helping?

A recent study found that on average, a small business spends 20 hours a week trying to figure out their marketing.


You can’t work any harder. It’s time to grow your business smarter.

We’ll teach you how to be Marketing ROCKSTARS. 

It’s time to make your Marketing dollars work FOR you instead of against you.

It’s time to get noticed as the bada$$ authoritative leader you are.

It’s time to turn customers into fans and talkers.

It’s time to fill your pipeline with the right people.

It’s time to OWN your bottom line by joining the one online membership community that will teach you the insider secrets of how to grow your business or your personal brand smarter, faster and less expensively.


The biggest money waster is poor decisions. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have to make good decisions the first time; they don’t have the cushion that larger firms do.

Every penny counts. Wouldn’t it be great to have a sounding board to help you make better decisions about your Marketing? A team of experts to share YOUR challenges with? How much time would YOU get back? How much money would you SAVE?

This is for the lone wolves. The pioneers. The mavericks in business who lay their butts on the line every day in the name of business.

If you could learn how to make Instagram work for you to get customers in the door, would you join? If you could learn how to up your Search Engine Optimization game to get found by new customers, would you join? If you could learn how to use Evernote to save you time with your blog, would you join? If you got the master list of apps you could use to build content like a designer to market your business instead of spending hours researching on iTunes, would you join? If you could learn how to use Facebook Live video to increase your page Likes, would you join? If you could pick the brains of pros who have built thousands of campaigns, would you join?

So, what do we know about Marketing, anyway?

Building and growing brand bottom lines is what we do. 

In 2002, we co-founded our Silicon Valley marketing agency, PureMatter, and in the 15 years since have made a lot of money for our clients. Over $1 Billion in fact (we know, we added it up.)

We’ve branded, rebranded, marketed, and consulted literally thousands of companies.

We built our own personal brands, and have written books. We’ve spoken all over the world about marketing, social media, design, creativity, technology, and business.

We’ve been featured as leaders in the social media and marketing industry in Inc. Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Ad Age, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and more.

We want to help you grow YOUR bottom line.

And yes, we have an agency that could certainly help you. But unless you’re a global brand with brand-sized budgets, this isn’t an option. That’s why we launched Own Your Line, so we could scale the knowledge, insights, tools and resources that we’ve gained as marketing entrepreneurs for the last 20 years to the people who need it the most – YOU.

Bryan Kramer @bryankramer

CEO, Executive Consultant, global TED speaker, and author of 2 best-selling books “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy” which debuted in USA Today’s “Top 150” books, and “There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H”.

Bryan’s “The BK Show” podcast series is in the top 100 marketing podcasts on iTunes. He is a TED speaker, and speaks all over the world sharing the human business movement. He is currently writing his third book and co-hosts with Courtney the #H2Hchat weekly video and Twitterchat series.

Courtney Smith Kramer @cshasarrived

Executive Creative Director, Strategist, Designer, Writer and author of “21 Reasons Creativity is Like Sex: Why Everyone Can Do It, Have a Sense of Humor About It, and Use It To Make the World a Better Place”, which launched in November 2016 at the #1 spot in Business Humor books on Amazon.

Courtney is on the World Brand Congress Advisory board and has won hundreds of creative awards in her career, and is proud to be one of the 3% of women creative directors in the U.S. 


“Top 25 Influencer to Follow” ~ Forbes
“Top 100 Most Influential Tech People On Twitter” ~ Business Insider
“Top 40 most talked about marketer by global senior marketers” 
~ LeadTail
“Top 30 Global Top CEO Influencer on Social Media”
~ Kred
“Top 50 Social CEO on Twitter Globally” ~ Huffington Post
Clients we have helped grow.

Small businesses owners waste too much of their own time – and, time as we know is money – doing tasks they have no prior experience in.

They should instead focus on their core business strengths, and hire trustworthy outside support for areas that fall way outside their comfort zone.

~ Christina Rae, President of Buzz Creators

"This is great content, covering step by step instruction on how to connect with others, as well as how to convert that connection into a relationship that can lead to impressions, subscriptions, and profit. As I transition from the Military to the business world, I am confident that I can now build a quality blog, grow an extensive mailing list, and link all my associated social media platforms."

USN, Special Warfare, Entrepreneur, Comedian

"Each lesson is stimulating, fun, and at the same time, actionable. There is just the right amount of practical advice and information to ensure that we can all build relationships which lead to results in any field or endeavor."

Founder, People Forward

"Staying up-to-date with the changing marketplace is more than a full-time job. While I often know what to prescribe to my clients, I don’t know what to do for myself. In this course, I discovered that my personal marketing message was all over the place and Bryan was able to help me develop a much needed focus. If it wasn’t apparent to me prior to taking part in this that Bryan and Courtney were special people in my life, it certainly became obvious after going through the course."

Author of the soon to be released, “Influencer Effect” and Advertising Creative/copywriter

"After helping a countless number of business owners and larger companies work on their branding programs, I decided to make the investment into working on my own brand. It was money well spent. The course does a magnificent job of laying out the strategy, planning, and execution phases of brand building. I was able to recognize the cracks in my personal brand and marketing foundation, solidify my platform and build an infrastructure that I can take out into the marketplace. Make the investment and reap the long-term benefits of this program!"

Founder/CEO, Brian Moran & Associates

"I am thankful to Bryan for guiding me on the personal branding path, helping me get clear on my message, and encouraging me through all of the hard work to get clarity and be able to clearly and succinctly articulate my personal brand and message. Doing the hard work of defining my message has made me a better leader and has opened up my career to new possibilities and continued growth. "

SVP, National Sales Performance, Starkey Mortgage

What do I get as a member?

When you join the Own Your Line membership community, you become a trusted member of our “Scribe Tribe” – our soldiers in Small Business – who all have challenges Marketing their businesses or themselves.

We meet twice a month on a private live video call with the community.

  • Monthly “Hotseat” Live Video call One hour is spent featuring 2-3 members of the Scribe Tribe in a “Hotseat” format. They share their burning Marketing challenges, and Bryan and Courtney share their expertise about how to solve it.
  • Monthly “Party Line” Live Video call One hour is spent on a “Party Line”, where our members network and help each other with their own Marketing challenges. Cocktails are optional, but welcomed! 

We host two live video Marketing Workshops a month.

These are taught by the best and brightest Marketing practitioners, who are experts in demystifying and teaching the best ways to tackle the crazy, crowded Marketing landscape out there. We cover tactical topics to help you figure it out:

  • How to build kick ass Facebook ads
  • How to do Search engine optimization the right way
  • How to get that click in Search engine marketing
  • How to use Evernote, Flipboard and other helpful apps
  • How to design when you're not a designer
  • How to optimize your blog
  • How to create email marketing sequences
  • And the list goes on

We post a Q&A video each month.

You can submit your questions to us directly and we’ll answer them on video.

You gain access to our “Swipe File”.

This online resource library is full of worksheets, tutorial videos, forms, guides – tons of helpful stuff to help you in your own business. We literally scoured our agency files and grabbed everything we could to share it with you.

You gain access to our private “Scribe Tribe” Facebook Group.

This is where the good stuff happens. Our active and helpful community of Tribers have direct access to Bryan and Courtney and each other to talk about their business.

Literally, you get a YEAR of learning how to become a smarter Marketer, tons of resources and a support community for what an agency would charge you for 4 hours of their time.

You get to tap into 20 years of marketing experience, thinking, and value, all bottled in a fun, nurturing online community of awesome humans, for a yearly price of less than what an agency would charge you for just one meeting. BAM.

Meet our Scribe Tribe community

We know you’ll think we’re biased, but our Scribe Tribe is the BOMB dot COM. Since we’re based on the “Human to Human” philosophy that Own Your Line founder Bryan Kramer wrote about in his first book, our members make it “humans first”, openly sharing their knowledge in a safe, helpful and non-selling environment.

This community isn’t about Likes; it’s about asking, answering and sharing the burning questions, challenges and big wins in your own business. These are true friends, that blossom into offline, real-world partnerships and mentorships.

We’re agency owners, who can teach you how to do this like a boss – because we’ve been the boss, for over 20 years.

Membership includes 2 monthly LIVE online “How To” workshops, video tutorials, worksheets, 2 monthly calls, Q&A sessions, access to tons of resources and the “Scribe Tribe” private Facebook group.

Here’s a sampling of the topics we cover.



Brand Positioning

Defining your “Why”

Editorial Content Planning


Personal Branding


Social Body Language




Campaign Planning

Content Marketing



Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms + Apps


Video (Live and Social)




Better Selling Strategies

Building your Funnel

Email Automation

Meeting Preparation Skills

Prospect Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization

Social CRM Tools




Favorite Apps


How To Videos 


Project Management Tools



Pricing Options

There are two ways to become a member of Own Your Line. You ask “What if I sign up and decide this is not for me?” If you don’t feel the value of the Own your Line community within 30 days of your purchase, simply send us an email, and we will refund your money within 24 hours.




2x Monthly Live Online “How To” Workshops

1x Monthly Live “Hotseat” Group Coaching Call with Bryan + Courtney

1x Monthly Live “Party Line” Call

1x Monthly Scribe Tribe Q&A Video

Scribe Tribe Private Facebook Group access

Tutorial videos, Tools, Worksheets + Resources in the Swipe File

Surprise Bonus Material

30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel the value of the Own Your Line community.





2x Monthly Live Online “How To” Workshops

1x Monthly Live “Hotseat” Group Coaching Call with Bryan + Courtney

1x Monthly Live “Party Line” Call

1x Monthly Scribe Tribe Q&A Video

Scribe Tribe Private Facebook Group access

Tutorial videos, Tools, Worksheets + Resources in the Swipe File

Surprise Bonus Material

30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel the value of the Own Your Line community.


Love in, love out.

We have a saying around here – “Love in, love out.” It means that you’ll get out of this what you put into it, in equal parts.

Anyone in business knows that if someone promises you a “get rich quick” scheme, the only one getting rich is the person selling it. That is not what Own Your Line is – not even close. We’re a community of dedicated, business-minded humans who believe that rising all tides lifts all boats. We’re here to share, support, educate, give, and celebrate when a line finds a straighter path to its destiny. Our goal is to line up as many happy and fulfilled Scribes that we can – and this does not happen overnight.

Let’s do the work, together.

The bottom line

Sometimes, you just want the bottom line about what you’ll get for your money. This is that section.

  • 2 Live Online Workshops a month taught by super smart Marketing practitioners

  • 1x Monthly Live “Hotseat” Coaching Call with Bryan + Courtney (where we feature 2-3 of our members and focus on their marketing challenge)

  • 1x Monthly Live “Party Line” Call (where our Scribe Tribe can share ideas and questions with each other)
  • 1x Monthly Q&A Video (where we answer YOUR questions)

  • “Own Your Line” Private Facebook Group access

  • Tutorial videos, Tools, Worksheets + Resources in the Swipe File

  • Surprise Bonus Material

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel the value of the Own Your Line community

And… why again?

  • Being a Small Business or “xPreneur” is hard, and can be lonely sometimes. We’re here to be a resource so you can spend less time figuring out what Marketing tactics will work for your business.
  • Big agencies charge a lot because they have to. You can get big agency thinking here for a year, for less than the cost of what they would charge you for just 4 billable hours.
  • Our community is stronger together, because we’re all going it alone and need support and solid advice from people who are professional Marketing practitioners. Plus, we’re helpful, encouraging, and fun <– BONUS.
  • Touting more profit is important – but don’t forget about getting hours back in your day, and the confidence knowing that you’re getting professional advice about your Marketing challenges. Life isn’t just about money (although we love money), but we care about the wealth of our community too. Relationships matter.
  • An annual membership is the preferred method of joining, because, you know, #math.
  • “Love in, love out.” Do the work, and your outcomes will trickle to your bottom line.
  • We can’t wait to get to know you. Our Scribe Tribe is waiting!